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Prince Omar Abu Al-Jarabi
Arabian Art Collector
Portrait Omar.png
+ Versatile combatant
- Low willpower heavily restricts skill usage, reduced armour effectiveness with poor reflexes
Icon Health.png
Icon Armor.png
Armor Rating
Icon Bravery.png
Vitality 2
Willpower 2
Dexterity 3
Agility 3
Intelligence 5
Reflexes 1
Endurance 2
Perks Ancient Languages, Brute
Skill Assault Rifle.png Assault Rifle Skill
Skill Assault Rifle.png Shotgun Skill
Skill Assault Rifle.png Grenade Skill
Skill Assault Rifle.png Heavy Armor Skill
Skill Assault Rifle.png Repairkit Skill

Prince Omar Abu Al-Jarabi is an Arabian art collector, who is capable as either a shotgunner or a rifleman whilst providing support with grenades and in battle armour repair.

He's one of the six characters available when beginning the game in normal mode and does not need to be unlocked. His starting equipment is a Level 1 common shotgun (31-39 Damage, 2 Bullet Clip) and a Level 1 repairkit (+10AP). He wears Level 1 heavy armour. His armour skill makes it as effective as medium armour, whilst retaining the ability to hunker down.

His ability to wield assault rifles is less likely to be used, as he lacks the accuracy of both Jackson and Miguel. He is more likely to be taken as a shotgun user, as that is the weapon he comes with by default and is only one of two shotgun users you will definitely have in your party for quite a while (Brunhilda is an optional shotgun user and Dr. Chandra isn't unlocked by many people).

However his ability to use assault rifles & shotguns is very useful in hard-core mode, as it allows you to have a flexible combatant for the cost of one inventory slot to hold the alternative weapon.

When deciding on a healer early in normal mode on it will be between Omar & Natalya as Omar comes with an emergency healing option, as well as being able to repair armour in battle.


Name Description
Ancient Languages Enables alternative decisions based on the character's ability to decipher ancient languages or to understand local dialects.
Brute Enables alternative decisions based on the application of brute force.


Icon Name Description Bonus
Skill Assault Rifle.png
Assault Rifle Can equip Assault Rifles. Assault Rifles have the special ability Burst Fire, which allows targeting multiple adjacent tiles.
Skill Shotgun.png
Shotgun Can equip Shotguns. Shotguns have the special ability Blast, which damages all enemies within a cone.
Skill Heavy Armor.png
Heavy Armor Can equip Heavy Armors. Heavy Armors enable the special ability Hunker Down. When active, all damage taken in the current turn and during the next enemy turn is reduced by 75%. Armor Amount -4
Skill Grenade.png
Grenade May use Grenades. Grenades can be thrown at a distance and cause area damage.
Skill Repairkit.png
Repairkit May use Repairkits. Repairkits can be used to restore armor. Repair Range +1

Skill Tree[edit]

Level Bonus Type Description
1 First Aid Special Ability Restore 25% of the targets HP. Also removes negative status effects. Does not require or consume supplies. Requires: x2 Bravery.
2 Dash Special Ability Move to an adjacent position up to 2 tiles away. Dash doesn't trigger ambushes. Does not use any action points.Straigh line moves only. May make consecutive dash moves in one turn. Requires: 1x Bravery.
Crippling Shot Special Ability A crippling attack causing the target to lose 75% movement range for 2 turns. Requires: x2 Bravery.
3 Assault Rifle Accuracy Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Accuracy +6
Assault Rifle Crit Chance Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Crit Chance +12
Shotgun Crit Strength Skill Specialization Shotgun Crit Strength +14
Shotgun Magazine Size Skill Specialization Shotgun Magazine Size +1
4 Vitality Boost Stat Bonus Vitality +1
Dexterity Boost Stat Bonus Dexterity +1
Willpower Boost Stat Bonues Willpower +1
5 Repairkit Strength Skill Specialization Repairkits repair Amount +12
Grenade Range Skill Specialization Grenade Thrown Range +1
Assault Rifle Damage Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Damage +9
Shotgun Damage Skill Specialization Shotgun Damage +5
6 Sucker punch Special Ability A mighty punch pushing an enemy 2 tiles. Will cause additional damage if the enemy is pushed into a wall or other units. Requires: 2x Bravery
Headshot Special Ability If attack is successful, the target will be killed instantly. May only target injured enemies with this ability. Requires: 2x Bravery