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Leonora De Quincey
British Amateur Archeologist
Portrait Leonora.png
+ flexible support character
- poor dexterity combined with inaccurate weapon class
Icon Health.png
Icon Armor.png
Armor Rating
Icon Bravery.png
Vitality 3
Willpower 3
Dexterity 2
Agility 4
Intelligence 3
Reflexes 4
Endurance 1
Perks Ancient Languages
Skill Assault Rifle.png Assault Rifle Skill
Skill Medium Armor.png Medium Armor Skill
Armor Amount: +3
Skill Medkit.png Medkit Skill
Skill Assault Rifle.png Repairkit Skill

Leonora De Quincey is unlocked by killing 100 Nazis in any manner. The rate at which you unlock her is tied to how many Nazis spawn in a single encounter. Any human in the Nazi forces counts towards the quota. Surprisingly she doesn't have a damage to Nazi's perk given her unlock requirements.

She is an amateur archaeologist who is capable at patching up textiles and the living; given she has only one combat item it is worth deciding whether you need her to replenish health or armour more often. As a fighter she is reliant on her targets being out in the open to reliably hit them, as she has the worst Dexterity (2) of all the assault rifle users with a class of weapon that usually has negative accuracy modifiers.

You should consider giving her any epic or legendary assault rifle with Dexterity gains to allow her any chance of hitting a target in cover.

Her starting equipment is a Level 2 common assault rife (29-40 Damage, 4 Bullet Clip) and a Level 1 repairkit (+10AP). She wears Level 1 medium armour.

In hard-core mode she has a level 1 assault rifle instead.


Name Description
Ancient Languages Enables alternative decisions based on the character's ability to decipher ancient languages or to understand local dialects.


Icon Name Description Bonus
Skill Assault Rifle.png
Assault Rifle Can equip Assault Rifles. Assault Rifles have the special ability Burst Fire, which allows targeting multiple adjacent tiles.
Skill Medium Armor.png
Medium Armor Can equip Medium Armors. Medium Armors enable the special ability Low Profile. When Low Profile is activated, the character receives a guaranteed evade on the next attack in the current turn or during the next enemy turn. Armor Amount +3
Skill Medkit.png
Medkit May use Medkits in combat. Medkits can be used to heal and revive people when they are knocked out. Each use of a medkit reduces supplies by one.
Skill Repairkit.png
Repairkit May use Repairkits in combat. Repairkits can be used to restore armor. Each use of a Repairkit reduces supplies by one.

Skill Tree[edit]

Level Bonus Type Description
1 Shredding Shot Special Ability Powerful attack tripling damage done to the enemies armour. Requires: 2x Bravery.
2 Morale Boost Special Ability The target ally will receive a morale boost giving them +5 Agility this turn. Requires: 2x Bravery. This is only beneficial if the target ally has yet to move this turn, otherwise it is wasted.
Dash Special Ability Move to an adjacent position up to 2 tiles away. Dash doesn't trigger ambushes. Does not use any action points.Straigh line moves only. May make consecutive dash moves in one turn. Requires: 1x Bravery.
3 Medkit Strength Skill Specialization Medkit Heal Amount +8
Repairkit Strength Skill Specialization Repairkit Repair Amount +8
Assault Rifle Crit Strength Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Crit Strength +12
Assault Rifle Range Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Range +1
4 Vitality Boost Stat Bonus Vitality +1
Dexterity Boost Stat Bonus Dexterity +1
Endurance Boost Stat Bonues Endurance +2
5 Medkit Strength Skill Specialization Medkit Heal Amount +8
Repairkit Strength Skill Specialization Repairkit Repair Amount +8
Assault Rifle Accuracy Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Accuracy +6
Assault Rifle Damage Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Damage +4
6 First Aid Special Ability Restore 25% of the targets HP. Also removes negative status effects. Does not require or consume supplies. Requires: x2 Bravery.
Vanish Special Ability The character vanishes out of sight, and is invisible to enemies for the next turn. Vanished characters can move unseen. If this character attacks an enemy however, the vanish effect will be neutralised. Requires: x2 Bravery.