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Jackson Sheffield
American Globetrotter
Portrait Jackson.png
+ accurate assault rifle user
- medium armour is reduced to near light armour effectiveness
Icon Health.png
Icon Armor.png
Armor Rating
Icon Bravery.png
Vitality 3
Willpower 3
Dexterity 4
Agility 3
Intelligence 2
Reflexes 1
Endurance 4
Perks Daredevil
Skill Assault Rifle.png Assault Rifle Skill
Crit Chance: +4
Skill Knife.png Knife Skill
Skill Medium Armor.png Medium Armor Skill
Armor Amount: -3

Jackson Sheffield is an American Globetrotter and Assault Rifle Expert

He's one of the six characters available when beginning the game in normal mode and does not need to be unlocked. His starting equipment is a Level 1 common assault rifle (25-35 Damage, 4 Bullet Clip) and a Level 1 common knife (18-22 damage). He wears Level 1 medium armour.

Compared to Miguel, Jackson is more mobile and possesses a mixture of mainly mobility and aggressive skills but can't survive as long without support when out in the open.


Name Description
Daredevil Enables alternative decisions based on quick-thinking, unorthodox, and often rash actions.


Icon Name Description Bonus
Skill Assault Rifle.png
Assault Rifle Can equip Assault Rifles. Assault Rifles have the special ability Burst Fire, which allows targeting multiple adjacent tiles. Crit Chance +4%
Skill Knife.png
Knife Can equip Knives. Knives have the special ability Bleed, causing the target to take additional damage in subsequent turns.
Skill Medium Armor.png
Medium Armor Can equip Medium Armors. Medium Armors enable the special ability Low Profile. When Low Profile is activated, the character receives a temporary Evade boost of 40% in the current turn and during the next enemy turn. Armor Amount -3

Skill Tree

Level Bonus Type Description
1 Dash Special Ability Move to an adjacent position up to 2 tiles away. Dash doesn't trigger ambushes. Does not use any action points.Straigh line moves only. May make consecutive dash moves in one turn. Requires: 1x Bravery.
2 Cleave Special Ability (Melee) Attack 3 targets right in front of you. -20% to damage dealt. Requires: 2x Bravery
Reaction shot Special Ability During the next enemy turn, this character will perform a counter attack on the first enemy to attack them.
Assault Rifle Magazine Size Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Magazine Size +1
Assault Rifle Accuracy Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Accuracy +6
Assault Rifle Crit Strength Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Crit Strength +12
4 Vitality Boost Stat Bonus Vitality +1
Agility Boost Stat Bonus Agility +1
Dexterity Boost Stat Bonus Dexterity +1
5 Knife Damage Skill Specialization Knife Damage +3
Assault Rifle Damage Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Damage +4
Assault Rifle Range Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Range +1
Assault Rifle Armour Shredding Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Armour Shredding +3
6 Morale Boost Special Ability The target ally will receive a morale boost giving them +5 Agility this turn. Requires: 2x Bravery. This is only beneficial if the target ally has yet to move this turn, otherwise it is wasted.
Headshot Special Ability If attack is successful, the target will be killed instantly. May only target injured enemies with this ability. Requires: 2x Bravery