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African Steppe Huntress
Portrait Shani.png
+ Extremely mobile knife specialist
- No ranged attack option
Icon Health.png
Icon Armor.png
Armor Rating
Icon Bravery.png
Vitality 2
Willpower 3
Dexterity 1
Agility 6
Intelligence 3
Reflexes 3
Endurance 3
Perks Ancient Languages, Brute
Skill Knife.png Knife Skill
Skill Light Armor.png Light Armor Skill

Shani is an unlockable character. You must kill 75 enemy (any type) with any melee attack - punch, knife, sucker punch, bleed or cleave. She can only equip knives and light armour; she doesn't gain any skill basics on leveling up. However she can equip TWO knives. The knife in the weapon slot will the one that deals the damage. The knife in the off-hand slot acts as a buff item providing stat buffs and access to any perks that might be on an epic or legendary knife that you loathe to part with but no longer kills enemy quick enough.

Using the light armour dash skill with her high agility of 6 allows her to run across most maps very quickly. Morale boost will see her cover most maps in one turn.

Her starting equipment is a Level 3 common knife (29-35 Damage). She wears Level 2 light armour.


Name Description
Ancestral Spirits deals +25% damage vs. Undead
Survivalist Enables alternative decisions based on in-depth knowledge of the natural environment, including weather conditions and the characteristics of various wildlife.


Icon Name Description Bonus
Skill Knife.png
Knife Can equip Knives. Knives have the special ability Bleed, causing the target to take additional damage in subsequent turns. knife Damage +4
Skill Light Armor.png
Light Armor Can equip Light Armors. Light Armors enable the special ability Sprint. Sprinting allows to cover a much larger distance than a normal move.

Skill Tree[edit]

Level Bonus Type Description
1 Sudden Strike Special Ability When attacked in close range this character will perform a melee attack before the enemy attacker has struck. Requires: 1x Bravery.
2 Light Armour Strength Skill Specialization Light Armour Strength +5
Knife Crit Strength Skill Specialization Knife Crit Strength +14
Knife Crit Chance Skill Specialization Knife Crit Chance +15
3 Dash Special Ability Move to an adjacent position up to 2 tiles away. Dash doesn't trigger ambushes. Does not use any action points.Straigh line moves only. May make consecutive dash moves in one turn. Requires: 1x Bravery.
Vanish Special Ability The character vanishes out of sight, and is invisible to enemies for the next turn. Vanished characters can move unseen. If this character attacks an enemy however, the vanish effect will be neutralised. Requires: x2 Bravery.
4 Vitality Boost Stat Bonus Vitality +1
Willpower Boost Stat Bonus Willpower +1
Agility Boost Stat Bonus Agility +1
5 Light Armour Strength Skill Specialization Light Armour Strength +5
Knife Damage Skill Specialization Knife Damage +5
Knife Shredding Skill Specialization Knife Shredding +4
6 Cleave Special Ability (Melee) Attack 3 targets right in front of you. -20% to damage dealt. Requires: 2x Bravery
Concentrate Special Ability Concentrating restores 1 Bravery point for this character.