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Miguel Ignacio Caballero
Spanish civil war poet
Portrait Miguel.png
+ Superb Vitality, Dextirity and endurance. Good overwall stats for a jack of all trades on any nazi mission
- I don't see any?
Icon Health.png
Icon Armor.png
Armor Rating
Icon Bravery.png
Vitality 5
Willpower 2
Dexterity 4
Agility 3
Intelligence 1
Reflexes 2
Endurance 5
Perks Intimidation, Antifaschist
Skill Assault Rifle.png Assault Rifle Skill
Skill Medium Armor.png Medium Armor Skill
Skill Assault Rifle.png Grenade Skill

Miguel Ignacio Caballero one of the four characters that are available by default. Miguel is usually no-nonsense character with a whiff of dramatic tension.

Miguel is a competent rifleman that can specialize into grenadier. He is robust enough on his own without the need for any external help. you can easily go up to 76% hit chance through just the skill three, or you can opt-in for full grenadier, which will make the hit chance redundant. Also Miguel is not a terrorist, because Antifa is not a terrorist organization.


Name Description
Intimidation Enables Intimidation event options
Antifaschist Deals 15% bonus damage to nazis


Icon Name Description Bonus
Skill Assault Rifle.png
Assault Rifle Skill category: Weapon Can equip Assault Rifles. Assault Rifles have the special ability Burst Fire, which allows targeting multiple adjacent tiles.
Skill Medium Armor.png
Medium Armor Skill category: Armor Can equip Medium Armors. Medium Armors enable the special ability Low profile. When Low profile is activated, the character receives a guaranteed evade on the next attack in the current turn or during the next enemy turn.
Skill Grenade.png
Grenade May use grenades. Grenades can be thrown at a distance and cause area damage. Each use of a grenade reduces supplies by one.

Skill Tree[edit]

Level Bonus Type Description
1 Warning Shots Special Ability Warning Shots let you place a conical area to observe during the next turn. Any enemy moving in this area will receive a warning shot stopping their movement. Warning shots will not deal any damage. Requires: x2 Bravery.
2 Grenade Damage Skill Specialization Grenades Damage +4
Assault Rifle Crit Damage Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Crit Damage + 12
Assault Rifle Crit Chance Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Crit Chance + 12
3 Rescuciate Special Ability Revive a downed ally and restore 10 hp. Does not require or consume supplies. Costs 1x Bravery
Sucker punch Special ability A mighty punch pushing an enemy 2 tiles. Will cause additional damage if the enemy is pushed into an obstacle. Requires: 2x Bravery
4 Agility Boost Stat Bonus Agility +1
Dexterity Boost Stat Bonus Dexterity +1
Vitality Boost Stat Bonus Vitality +1
5 Grenade Range Skill Specialization Grenade Range +1
Grenade Armor Shredding Skill Specialization Grenade Armor Shredding +4
Assault Rifle Accuracy Skill Specialization Assault Rifle acc + 6
Assault Rifle Damage Skill Specialization Assault Rifle Damage + 4
6 Reaction Shot Special Ability During the next turn this character will perform a counterattack on the first enemy that is attacking them Requires: 1x Bravery.
Headshot Special Ability If the attack is successful, the target will be killed instantly. You may only target already injured enemies with this ability. Requires: x2 Bravery.