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Characters are the members who you can recruit for adventures in Pathway.

Each character has a different set of skills which determine what weapons, armor, and items they can use. They also have a unique combination of Perks which can change how events and gameplay play out.

Before each adventure a group of characters is recruited. The number of characters available to recruit can change based on the adventure selected.

Recruitable Characters[edit]

Character Unlocks[edit]

New Characters can be unlocked by completing specific objectives. When locked, the unlock requirements will be shown on the character's recruit card.

Icon Name Description Unlocks
Brunhilda Bleed kill 5 enemies to unlock Brunhilda
Portrait Brunhilda.png
Bellamy Find a disintegrator to unlock Bellamy
Portrait Bellamy.png
Dr Chandra Revive 20 characters to unlock Dr Chandra
Portrait Dr Chandra.png
Leonora Kill 100 nazis to unlock Leonora
Portrait Leonora.png
Veduti Kill 50 Zombies to unlock Monsignor Veduti
Portrait Veduti.png
Le Fantôme Evade 75 attacks to unlock Le Fantôme
Portrait Le Fantôme.png
Georgette Kill 10 enemies with an ambush to unlock Georgette
Portrait Georgette.png
Shani Kill 100 enemies with knives to unlock Shani
Portrait Shani.png
Rose Finish any adventure with women only to unlock Rose
Portrait Rose.png
Annabelle Kill 25 enemies with Double Shot to unlock Annabelle
Portrait Annabelle.png