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Characters are the members who you can recruit for adventures in Pathway.

Each character has a different set of skills which determine what weapons, armor, and items they can use. They also have a unique combination of Perks which can change how events and gameplay play out.

Before each adventure a group of characters is recruited. As of build 1.1.6 you must select three characters to start your expedition.

A randomly selected additional character from those that you have currently unlocked, will be able to join the party either through a randomly generated rescue mission (3 possible scenarios; adventures 1, 2 or 4 only) or a scripted non-combat event (6 possible scenarios; all adventures).

Recruitment from a non-combat scenario will usually cost the party $500 if that person joins the adventure, under the premise of covering their expenses. However this cost can be reduced to $250 should the character be incarcerated and you have either ancient languages or a medical expert in your party, depending on the reason as to why they're imprisoned: drunk = medic; trickery = ancient languages. During the final adventure the cost will automatically drop to $250, but the game will randomly select from one of only eight possible characters for you to meet after completing sector 1. Choosing to ignore the potential party member won't incur the cost.


Discovered party members can be recruited at any point prior to finishing a map sector; however recruitment can only occur at the marked location. Should more than one chance to recruit occur, the character will not be a duplicate at least in the current map sector (can only be a non-hospitalised unlocked character). To help you remember where potential recruits are, the map will display the waving person icon until that person joins your party . This icon is sometimes displayed when entering a new map sector to help plan your route.

In the event you try to recruit a fifth party member, you will be asked to dismiss one of the four members that make up your current team. Nothing bad will happen to the departing member/rescued hostage that you don't have space for. The only caveat is that once a party member has been dismissed you can't go back to the map location and re-hire them. Ignored characters can be revisited and recruited later on should you suffer casualties, barring the Le Fantôme's non-rescue scenario (he will move on and the node will behave as a non-event).

The adventure will end should your party be reduced to one character twice in one adventure. The first time you get reduced to a single adventurer you'll be given a special party member that can not be recruited by any other means; there are two possible members that the game will randomly select from. Having either join your team will unlock a hidden achievement; the male gifts a silver medal, the female a gold medal. In both cases their equipment can not be changed, but they are capable of learning XP and gaining skill upgrades like any other character. As they can't be directly recruited their skill trees can't be altered should you make a choice you dislike.

Recruitable Characters[edit]

Character Unlocks[edit]

New Characters can be unlocked by completing specific objectives. When locked, the unlock requirements will be shown on the character's recruitment card.

Icon Name Description Unlocks
Trophy Brunhilda.jpg
Brunhilda Bleed kill 5 enemies to unlock Brunhilda
Portrait Brunhilda.png
Trophy Bellamy.jpg
Bellamy Find a disintegrator to unlock Bellamy
Portrait Bellamy.png
Trophy Dr Chandra.jpg
Dr Chandra Revive 15 characters to unlock Dr Chandra. Using campsites doesn't count.
Portrait Dr Chandra.png
Trophy Leonora.jpg
Leonora Kill 100 Nazis to unlock Leonora
Portrait Leonora.png
Trophy Veduti.jpg
Veduti Kill 50 Undead to unlock Monsignor Veduti
Portrait Veduti.png
Trophy Le Fantôme.jpg
Le Fantôme Evade 35 attacks to unlock Le Fantôme
Portrait Le Fantôme.png
Trophy Georgette.jpg
Georgette Kill 10 enemies with an ambush to unlock Georgette
Portrait Georgette.png
Trophy Shani.jpg
Shani Kill 75 enemies with any melee attack to unlock Shani
Portrait Shani.png
Trophy Rose.jpg
Rose Finish any adventure with women only to unlock Rose
Portrait Rose.png
Trophy Annabelle.jpg
Annabelle Kill 15 enemies with Double Shot to unlock Annabelle
Portrait Annabelle.png

Character Skills[edit]

See also: Skills, Perks

The numbers in the cells (I, II, III, IV, V, VI) represent the level a character must achieve to choose one of the skills related to that level, as listed in his/her skill tree.

Type Skill Portrait Jackson.png
Portrait Natalya.png
Portrait Omar.png
Portrait Baron.png
Portrait Pereira.png
Portrait Miguel.png
Portrait Leonora.png
Portrait Veduti.png
Portrait Brunhilda.png
Portrait Georgette.png
Portrait Bellamy.png
Portrait Dr Chandra.png
Dr Chandra
Portrait Shani.png
Portrait Rose.png
Portrait Annabelle.png
Portrait Le Fantôme.png
Le Fantôme
Weapon Skills Assault Rifle x x x x
Disintegrator x x
Knife x x x x x x x
Pistol x x x x (III)
Shotgun x x x (II) x
Sniper Rifle x x x x
Armor Skills Light x x x x x x
Medium x x x x x x x x (III)
Heavy x (VI) x x x x (IV)
Item Skills Medkit x x x x x x
Repairkit x x x x x
Grenade x x x (II) x
Perks (event options) Ancient Languages x x
Brute x x
Daredevil x x
Engineer x x
Forbidden Lore x x
Intimidation x x
Medical Expert x x
Shadow x x
Sixth Sense x x
Survivalist x x
Trickster x x
Perks Ancestral Spirits x
Anti-fascist x
Big Game Hunter x
Car Enthusiast x
Cautious x
Deadly x
Exorcist x
Greedy x
Resilient x
Slender x
Special Ability Bait I III VI III IV
Cleave II I IV VI
Concentrate IV II VI III I VI VI
Crippling Shot VI II I II IV
First Aid IV I VI VI
Head Shot V VI VI VI I
Healing Shot II I
Morale Boost V II II II VI
Psychic Control I VI
Quantum Leech IV
Reaction Shot II VI I VI
Resuscitate III I VI
Shredding Shot VI I VI III
Sucker Punch VI III I
Sudden Strike IV I VI VI
Warning Shots III I VI II VI

XP requirements for each level are: 150XP for Level 2; 250XP for level 3 (400XP total); 450XP for Level 4 (850XP total); 650XP for Level 5 (1500XP total); 850XP for Level 6 (2350XP total). The rate at which a character levels up is tied to their Intelligence stat. As of build 1.1.6 there isn't a single item or skill tree selection that increases intelligence, so be prepared for certain characters to take a while to level up.

Intelligence Characters
5 Portrait Natalya.png Portrait Omar.png Portrait Georgette.png Portrait Bellamy.png
4 Portrait Rose.png Portrait Le Fantôme.png
3 Portrait Baron.png Portrait Leonora.png Portrait Veduti.png Portrait Dr Chandra.png Portrait Shani.png
2 Portrait Jackson.png Portrait Brunhilda.png Portrait Annabelle.png
1 Portrait Pereira.png Portrait Miguel.png