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Character Stats[edit]

Stat Name Short Description
Vitality VIT Determines a character’s health.
Willpower WIL Determines a character’s bravery points. Bravery is needed for special actions.
Dexterity DEX Affects accuracy for ranged attacks.
Agility AGI Affects how far a character can move on their turn.
Intelligence INT Affects how many experience points a character receives. The higher the value, the faster a character progresses.
Reflexes RFX Affects the probability that a character can dodge an attack.
Endurance END Affects the number of turns that an unconscious character remains alive.


Each point of vitality provides 10HP. Every time you level up you automatically gain 1 vitality. Maximum possible vitality is approximately 170HP with legendary items. Common max HP is 80-120HP.

Each point of willpower provides 1 bravery point.

Each point of dexterity will increase the odds of hitting a target in cover by +10%. Targets in the open have 100% chance to hit.

Each point of agility increases the move range by 2. Agility 1 provides 5 tiles of movement.

Intelligence acts as a multiplier towards XP awarded for each encounter. Can not be improved by any means.

Each point of reflexes provides a 10% chance to dodge an incoming attack. Low profile adds 40% to this for 1 attack.

Each point of endurance allows a downed character to remain on the battlefield in a prone position for one turn. 6 Endurance equals 6 turns after being rendered to 0 HP. 1 Endurance equals 1 turn. The counter decreases at the start of each player turn, meaning a character with endurance 1 downed in an enemy turn is very likely to die before you can save them. The colour of the counter changes from blue to green to red to black as the character approaches death.