Dr Chandra

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Dr. Gopal Chandraputra
Anglo-Indian Antiquarian
Portrait Dr Chandra.png
+ capable shotgun user with focus on critical hits; able to heal at range
- slow to unlock
Icon Health.png
Icon Armor.png
Armor Rating
Icon Bravery.png
Vitality 3
Willpower 3
Dexterity 3
Agility 3
Intelligence 3
Reflexes 1
Endurance 2
Perks Medical Expert, Forbidden Lore
Skill Assault Rifle.png Shotgun Skill
Skill Medium Armor.png Medium Armor Skill
Skill Medkit.png Medkit Skill
range: +1

Dr. Gopal Chandraputra is an unlockable character. You have to revive 15 allies who have been knocked out. In 1.1.6 the revive can either be done on the battlefield or the world map (some events can render a character's HP to zero), but it must be done by a party member and not a camp site in order to count.

Given that you need characters to have a good endurance in order to reach them in time; medkits are limited to 2 uses in combat; First Aid and Resuscitate are capable of reviving downed characters at the cost of 2 bravery; it is hard to set your party up to safely engineer a scenario where a resuscitation is needed whilst avoiding a mission failure. You also have limited supplies to properly heal and repair armour after the fight which potentially leaves you vulnerable, so most players will opt to maintain high health & armour for as long as possible.

Due to this Dr Chandra is likely to be the last character you unlock, based on the Steam global achievements as of January 2021 by which point less than two percent of players had unlocked him. Only Le Fantôme has an unlock rate near to him. His starting equipment evens hints at the fact he will be late to join the fray.

His starting equipment is a Level 4 common shotgun (58-72 Damage, 2 Bullet clip) and a Level 3 medkit (+50HP). He wears Level 2 medium armour.

In hard-core mode he comes with a level 1 common shotgun, level 1 medium and wears level 1 medium armour.

One way to unlock Dr Chandra in 1.1.6, is first create a team that is all level 5-6 and contains a medic with first aid. Then remove the armour from the member with the highest endurance. This character is then sent head first into danger with the medic following from a safe distance ready to administer healing when KO'd. Ideally you want to heal with first aid (25% of VIT) or resuscitate (10HP) as this adds the least amount of health. Second choice is a medkit, ideally a weak one like compression bandages (30HP). This way the character has the potential to be KO'd multiple times in the one mission.

You can also inflict damage on your own team member to speed up the process. To do this you must use a skill that consumes bravery (burst fire, double shot, blast, etc) or is a grenade. Regular attacks won't allow friendly fire. Whilst this is against the spirit of the rules, this is the quickest way to achieve the unlock.


Name Description
Medical Expert Enables alternative decisions based on medical knowledge that goes beyond the ability to apply improvised bandages.
Forbidden Lore Enables alternative decisions that start where school learning ends and the gray area of mystical traditions begins.


Icon Name Description Bonus
Skill Shotgun.png
Shotgun Can equip Shotguns. Shotguns have the special ability Blast, which damages all enemies within a cone.
Skill Medium Armor.png
Medium Armor Can equip Medium Armors. Medium Armors enable the special ability Low Profile. When Low Profile is activated, the character receives a temporary Evade boost of 40% in the current turn and during the next enemy turn.
Skill Medkit.png
Medkit May use Medkits. Medkits can be used to heal and revive people when they are knocked out. Medkit Range +1

Skill Tree[edit]

Level Bonus Type Description
1 Psychic Control * Special Ability Use your psychic powers to force an enemy to attack one of their allies. The ally is selected randomly. Requires: x2 Bravery.
2 Morale Boost Special Ability The target ally will receive a morale boost giving them +5 Agility this turn. Requires: 2x Bravery. This is only beneficial if the target ally has yet to move this turn, otherwise it is wasted.
Healing Shot Special Ability Shoot a projectile at an ally. Restore 20% HP per turn for 3 turns. Does not require or consume supplies. Requires: x2 Bravery.
3 Dexterity Boost Stat Bonus Dexterity +1
Endurance Boost Stat Bonus Endurance +2
Agility Boost Stat Bonus Agility +1
4 Shotgun Crit Chance Skill Specialization Shotgun Crit Chance +9
Shotgun Magazine Size Skill Specialization Shotgun Magazine Size +1
Medkit Strength Skill Specialization Medkits heal Amount +8
5 Shotgun Crit Strength Skill Specialization Shotgun Crit Strength +14
Shotgun Accuracy Skill Specialization Shotgun Accuracy +8
Medkit Strength Skill Specialization Medkits heal Amount +8
Medkit Range Skill Specialization Medkit heal range +1
6 Shredding Shot Special Ability Powerful attack tripling damage done to the enemies armour. Requires: 2x Bravery.
Concentrate Special Ability Concentrating restores 1 Bravery point for this character.

(*) Psychic control has a maximum range of 10 tiles. It does not work on Dogs, Zombies or Sporebearers. The enemy must be able to attack at least one of their own forces with a ranged attack for them to be considered a viable target, as they will not move from their current position. When selected, the enemy will indicate their possible targets by placing red aiming tiles underneath them. Only when there are 2 or more viable targets is the choice random.