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As of 1.1.6 there are 17 possible artifacts that a player can discover during the course of their adventure. Each artifact is unique and only one copy of that item may exist in your save file. Each artifact has a red border to signify it's rarity. Should you wish to sell them they are worth over $700 each. It is possible to have multiple artifacts in your possession, but will require significant play time commitment to acquire just 2.

In order to gain the benefits provided by the artifact, you must equip it in the item slot. Whilst you may lose the option to wield a knife or use consumable items, the stat buffs provided are on par with a legendary item or better as some items unlock hard to acquire skills or perks.

Due to the low drop rate the list below has been mined from the game's data files. They are listed in the order they appear in the game's files. As some of the file names are in German, literal English translations have been applied, so their in game names may differ. Corrections to the names will be made when possible.

# Image Name Description
1 Secret Revelation to Moses Gain +5 Light Armour; Concentrate skill.
2 The Shield of Perseus Gain +5 Medium Armour; +2 Agility.
3 An Archaic Figurine Gain +1 Agility, +1 Bravery.
4 The Book of the Dead Gain damage vs Undead, Forbidden Lore Specialisation.
5 The Sword of the Cherubim Gain +1 Dexterity, +1 Reflexes, +1 Endurance.
6 The Stone of Zerzura.png The Stone of Zerzura Gain First Aid Skill and Medical Expert Specialisation.
7 Ancient hallowed crown.png Ancient Hallowed Crown Gain +5 Medium Armour, Psychic Control skill. Listed as Weihekrone in files. Shown in detail in the codex.
8 Emerald scarab.png Emerald Scarab 10% Reduction in damage received, gain Vanish skill. Shown in the codex. Listed in the files as Smaragd, which is an archaic term for emerald. Red emeralds do exist, but they are rare.
9 Silver death mask.png Silver Death Mask Gain +1 Vitality, +2 Endurance buff. Listed as Totenmaske (death mask) Alexander in files & item description.
10 The Travel journal of Herodot Gain +1 Endurance and the Survivalist specialisation. Listed as Reisebericht Herodot in files.
11 Kitab.png Kitab Al Kanuz Gain +1 Endurance, +2 Reflexes.
12 Huge scimitar.png Executioner's Sword Knife crit chance +6%, knife crit strength +8 and the Intimidation specialisation. Shown in the codex. Listed as Richtschwert in files.
13 Rabbi's Staff Gain +1 agility and Sixth sense specialisation. Listed as Gehstock Rabbi in files.
14 Telegram.png An Encrypted Telegram Gain a +10% damage to Nazi's buff. Listed as "Aufmarschplaene" in files.
15 Sealed briefcase.png Sealed Briefcase Unique set of buffs for the Disintegrator: +1 range, +4 armour shred, +8 accuracy. Listed as Artifact 15 in files but can be seen in the codex as an example of a legendary item.
16 Blueprint.png Confusing Blueprints Gain +5 to heavy armour and the Engineer specialisation; does not grant heavy armour basics. Listed as Prototyp Blaupaussen in files.
17 Petru's Amulet Gain +4? to reflexes and a damage to Cultists buff.
18 Bastet's Amulet Gain +5 to reflexes and a +20% damage to Cultists buff.