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Each weapon, equipement and armor provides various special actions, which are available during the battle.

Weapon Actions[edit]

Weapon class Action Description
Knives Bleed The action causes immediate damage + some damage over several rounds
Pistols Double shot Allows to perform two quick shots. It can be two shots at the single target, two separate shots at two targets
Shotguns Shotgun blast Does a scatter shot which, hits all targets within a cone
Assault rifles Burst fire Attacks the targets within 3 cells horizontally or vertically. Direction is controlled by mouse scroll.
Sniper rifles Ambush Impedes the enemy actions in the marked area. The character will shoot once any enemy, which tries to move or execute any action within the specified area. The ambush is performed at the enemy turn.
Disintegrators Metldown Shoots a straight line horizontally or vertically which will stop only if it hits the wall. Will damage all the enemies on the line of fire.

Armor Actions[edit]

Armor class Action Description
Light armor Sprint Grants significant movement bonus
Medium armor Low profile Grants significant evasion bonus
Heavy armor Hunker down Significally reduces the received damage

Equipment Actions[edit]

Equipment type Action Description
Medkit Use Medkit Allows to heal or revive a character during the battle. Can be used on self or the nearby character.
Repairkit Use Repairkit Allows to repair the armor during the battle. Can be used on self or the nearby character.
Grenade Throw grenade Throws the grenade which will damage the enemies within 3x3 cells area