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During combat a character may perform two actions. There are two deployment scenarios that can reduce this:

blindsided which is signified by a black downwards facing arrow and means you can only perform 1 action with each character for the first turn of combat.

tumult which sees you deploy the party and then immediately end your turn.

The negative effects are always encountered in an attack event (crosshair symbol on map) and can be triggered by selecting certain specialist options such as a daredevil attempting to blow up a fuel dump or a shadow attempting to free a hostage.

You can select from one attacking option, one movement option or up to two miscellaneous actions for each character. You do not have to perform 2 actions should it prove non-beneficial, though you can be prompted to confirm that you haven't forgotten to perform an action.

Attacking options covers shooting (if a gun is equipped and has ammo), melee strike with your fist or knife (knife will automatically replace the option to punch), throw a grenade if equipped. Special attack options such as sucker punch, cleave and burst fire will also appear here.

Movement will always be a standard move; Sprint and Dash also appear here. Only Dash can be performed in addition to a regular move or sprint.

Miscellaneous actions covers reloading your gun, all healing & repair skills, low profile, hunker down and any defensive skill a character possess such as reaction shot or vanish.

Each type of weapon, equipment and armour provides a special action during the battle. This action is available for all qualities, from common to legendary.

Weapon Actions[edit]

Weapon class Action Description
Knives Bleed The action causes immediate damage + 30% of minimum damage to the target on the next enemy round.
Pistols Double shot Allows character to shoot twice. There must be two different viable targets to use this skill; explosive barrels count as a viable target. No aiming angle restrictions.
Shotguns Shotgun blast Hit all targets within cone of effect highlighted by red tiles. Damage is reduced by 20%. Consumes 2 ammo. Legendary weapons can have wider blast arcs.
Assault rifles Burst fire Attacks the targets within the 5 red aiming cells that can be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Direction is controlled by mouse scroll or q and e keys. Consumes 1 ammo per target; will inflict damage on allies if they are in a red aiming tile. Legendary weapons can have a 7 or 9 aiming cells.
Sniper rifles Ambush Impedes the first enemy action in the marked area. The character will shoot once at the first enemy who tries to move or execute any action other than reload within the specified area. The ambush is performed during the enemy turn. Legendary weapons can have a wider angle of vision. This ability is cancelled if the character setting the ambush is attacked.
Disintegrators Meltdown Shoots a straight line horizontally or vertically which will stop only if it hits the wall. Will damage all the enemies in the line of fire. Damage is reduced by 20% for each target it hits.

Armor Actions[edit]

Armor class Action Description
Light armor Sprint Grants significant movement bonus and avoid sniper's ambush skill.
Medium armor Low profile Grants an automatic evasion of the first attack in the enemy's next turn.
Heavy armor Hunker down Reduces received damage by 75%.

Equipment Actions[edit]

Equipment type Action Description
Medkit Use Medkit Allows to heal or revive a character during the battle. Can be used on self or the nearby character. Consumes 1 supply.
Repairkit Use Repairkit Allows to repair the armor during the battle. Can be used on self or the nearby character. Consumes 1 supply.
Grenade Throw grenade Throws the grenade which will damage the enemies within 3x3 cells area. Consumes 1 supply.