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Pathway released on 11 April 2019 for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

Computer Version[edit]


Pathway 1.4.1 was a small patch released on 27 January, 2022.

  • A few improvements and fixes for Steam Deck compatibility


Pathway 1.4.0 was a patch released on 13 January, 2022.

  • Fixed an OpenGL crash bug that occurred randomly when loading maps
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to unequip items from locked characters
  • Fixed a handful of spelling errors
  • Updated the visuals of medic enemy units slightly


Pathway 1.3.3 was a small bugfix patch released on 1 July, 2021.
A minor update was also released on 9 July, 2021.

  • Removed red cross references
  • Updated some missing translations
  • Fixed an issue that the game won't start on older OSX versions
  • Fixed some visual glitches while resting.
  • July 9 update: Fixed MacOS version to properly launch on OS X 10.10 to 10.13.


Pathway 1.3.2 was a small bugfix patch released on 8 June, 2021.

  • Fixed several issues with the UI that caused tooltips for the mouse to show up incorrectly
  • Fixed several cases where you could soft lock the game when playing with the controller
  • Removed an exploit where you could steal locked character’s equipment
  • Fixed an exceedingly rare bug that caused the player to become stuck in between map changes, creating a none working save game
  • Fixed some memory leaks that after very long stints of gameplay could cause the game to crash
  • General quality of life fixes!


Pathway 1.3.1 was a small bugfix patch released on 21 May, 2021.

  • Fixed crash caused by switching Shadow Settings during an active game.
  • Fixed a soft lock when using the ESC key to access the menu during combat.


Pathway 1.3.0 was a patch released on 18 May 2021. It added controller support and some fixes.

  • Controller Support: The game can now be played fully with a variety of controllers.
  • Overhauled load out screen: The load out screen has received an overhaul. Both the character selection and the equipment phase are now combined into one. You can toggle between the jeep storage and the character info.
  • A few additional UI tweaks: Some fatter borders around buttons and some additional feedback in some places. A few actions have better target indication now.
  • Added some missing translations
  • Added some new glyphs to the fonts (Spanish)
  • Memory and performance improvements/tweaks
  • Fixed loot drops in Adventure 4 final fight
  • Fixed Bastet's Amulet missing from Artefact drops
  • Fixed some potential map blockers in bunker maps
  • Fixed a problem that caused the adventure run time to sometimes be formatted wrongly


Pathway 1.1.6 was a patch released on 25 June 2020.

  • Added social buttons to main menu which link to Robotality's Twitter account and Discord server.
  • Fixed user interface not fully rendered when using the "UI scaling" option.
  • Fixed wrong position of enemy target indicator arrows when using the "UI scaling" option.
  • Fixed crash when the game is run from an installation path containing special characters. (Note: Do NOT install into folders ending with "!", like Y:/ou/have/been/warned!/Pathway.)
  • Fixed crash in video options when running the game with exceptional monitor configurations.
  • Fixed rare crash when launching the game.
  • Fixed missing font glyphs when using certain Windows system language settings.


Pathway 1.1.5 was a patch released on 27 February 2020.

  • Fixed crash caused by switching characters when in Burst Fire mode.
  • Fix visual issues when pressing the "Take All" button repeatedly
  • Fix crash during AI turn
  • Fix crash when using Reaction Shot and standing inside an enemy ambush
  • Possible crash fix some users randomly experienced when going into combat


Pathway 1.1.4 was released on 20 February 2020.

  • Hardcore Mode added: A fresh take on Pathway! See blog post for full description.
  • Extended difficulty: We have extended the max difficulty, which means you may encounter higher difficulty enemies at the pointy end of the game.
  • Added Resource tooltip: When hovering over resources on the exploration bar or in the journal you will now have a tooltip which also tells you the resource's max capacity.
  • Added action tooltips: When hovering actions in combat you will now also see available ammo/supplies.
  • We've improved selling of valuables hinting. There's now a tooltip when hovering the bag and if you leave a merchant without selling it'll prompt whether you intended to leave without selling (similar to leaving loot behind).
  • A total of 12 new weapons have been added: Each weapon category (like shotgun, rifles etc.) have received 2 additional variations.
  • New Artifact "Bastet's Amulet" added
  • New Hardcore Mode achievement added
  • "An Ending and a New Beginning" achievement has been changed: There is a new Achievement that rewards you for finishing x adventures. We've also tweaked the numbers on that achievement. Note that this is a conversion of the fail achievement, so if you've previously unlocked the achievement or made progress towards it, it'll carry over.
  • Item Type information is now more consistent across tooltips
  • Map/Sector count is now once again visible in the Team Journal
  • Fix bravery cost in tooltip for Reaction Shot/Parry
  • Fix some collision issues
  • Fix some smaller UI issues/alignment/scaling.
  • Fix bug that allowed sporebearers to be pushed around with Sucker Punch.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Psychic Control to trigger evade
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Adventure play time to be skewed when using accelerated AI turns.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when exceeding a certain amount of endurance points.


Pathway 1.1.3 was a patch released on 04 November 2019.

  • Added tooltip for burst fire to indicate it can be rotated
  • Added an alternative way to rotate burst fire (Q/E)
  • Added weapon type descriptor in the weapon tooltip window for better clarity.
  • Added a new pixel zoom-option to the settings.json allowing users to set a custom zoom if the default is causing problems.
  • Fixed a bunch of localization errors and typos
  • Fixed a rare crash when moving the enemy group size slider all the way down.
  • Fixed a rare enemy spawn issues that caused enemies to be spawned inside walls
  • Fixed a rare crash that sometimes happened when switching between the Pathway window and other windows.


Pathway 1.1.2 was a patch released on 21 October 2019.

  • Grenade impact can now be evaded.
  • Splinter DMG buffs on legendary items now also increase the base DMG.
  • Tooltips for actions are now shown even if the action isn't available
  • The Artifact "Shield Of Perseus" now has the proper buffs.
  • Fixed bug that caused Sporebearers/Cultists to still attack vanished characters
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple stat boosts of same type to not be combined in tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Team Journal screen to not refresh after a recruit event


Pathway 1.1.1 was a patch released on 15 October 2019.

  • Default AI Speed Option: We've added the option to set a default for the AI turn speed. Every combat will begin with this default speed. You can always slow/down speed it up for a specific combat and it'll reset again to the default for the next battle.
  • Updated JP/CH loca with a few more missing details
  • Added bravery cost to the new abilities in the skill tree.
  • Tweaked the timing of some tutorial overlays slightly
  • Fixed a crash when using Sudden Strike against Zombies
  • Fixed some missing collisions in certain combat arenas
  • Fixed a bug that caused the skilltree to not hide properly when opening the menu/codex
  • Fixed a bunch of typos in loca
  • Fixed a bug that caused unexpected behaviour when creating a new profile after switching between profiles in the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused hotkeys to not working properly after a profile switch


Pathway 1.1.0 was a major update released on 9 October 2019.

Big things
  • New Languages: Added Chinese and Japanese translations
  • Added Concentrate ability: Concentrate gives a character +1 bravery in exchange for 1 action point.
  • Added Healing Shot ability: Shoot an ally with a healing projectile. Restores health over time.
  • Added Shredding Shot ability: A powerful attack that shreds away the enemy armor.
  • Added Morale Boost ability: The target ally will receive an agility boost this turn.
  • Added Crippling Shot ability: A crippling shot causes the target to have significantly reduced mobility over the next 2 turns.
  • Added Quantum Leech ability: Receive 50% of DMG dealt as health.
  • Added Resuscitate ability: Revive a downed ally and restore minimal health. Does not require a medkit.
  • Added First Aid ability: Restore 25% of health. Also removes any negative effects on target (such as bleed).
  • Added Reaction Shot ability: During next turn, the attacked ally will counter an attack.
  • Added Sudden Strike ability: When attacked in close-range, the character will deal damage first (potentially killing the attacker)
  • Added Dash ability: A quick move to neighboring tiles. Does not trigger ambushes. Only costs bravery.
  • Added Cleave ability: Attack up to 3 targets in close combat in front of you.
  • Added Headshot ability: If successful, it kills an already injured target instantly.
  • Added Psychic Control ability: Force an enemy to attack one of their allies.
  • Added Sucker Punch ability: A might fist punch pushing enemies back 2 tiles. May cause additional damage when hitting other targets and obstacles.
  • Added Vanish ability: Character disappears for 1 turn unable to be attacked. If character performs an attack when vanished, the status is lost. Whilst vanished, ambushes are not triggered.
  • Added Bait ability: Throw a bait that pulls dogs and zombies away.
  • New Armor System: Armor now functions as a damage reduction to incoming damage. Weapons can "shred" armor with attacks depending on their "Armor Shredding" attribute.
  • Artifacts: Unique (and very rare) items that can be equipped in the off-hand slot. Artifacts can only be found once per profile.
  • New Item System: Items now follow a level progression. Each higher level being stronger than the previous one. Within each level you may find rare, epic or even legendary variations which will yield additional boosts and benefits.
  • New Consumables System: Instead of stacking up consumable items like medkits, repairkits or grenades you now collect a new resource called Supplies. When you use a consumable, one supply resource is consumed.
  • All character skill trees have been reworked
  • Each character now has an additional starter ability. More abilities can be unlocked as they level up.
  • New adventure specific events giving extra flavour to the story line and setting.
  • A lot of existing events have received significant reworks giving them more interesting choices and consequences.
  • New combat events have been added.
  • New Combat Modes: Advantage, Blindsided and Tumult. Each combat mode tweaks how the combat begins.
  • Combat has been re-balanced significantly. Enemy progression etc. have all been tweaked.
  • Jeep Storage upgrade: Jeep Storage can be expanded now. You can purchase new storage pages during the adventure load out.
  • New Difficulty Options: When starting an adventure you can now tweak the enemy group size as well as the enemy difficulty. When you select a higher difficulty you'll also find better loot in that adventure.
  • A Tutorial has been added: This tutorial will show up on new profiles and explains some of the basic mechanics. Additionally it'll point to relevant sections of the codex for further reading.
Smaller things
  • New Event type "Traders": These events let you exchange one resource for another.
  • Combat AI has received numerous improvements and tweaks
  • Starting team size has been increased to 3 characters up from 2
  • Enemy formations have increased in size
  • Line of Sight no longer makes enemies invisible. This means in combat you can now always see where the enemy is positioned.
  • All cover now provides the same amount of protection
  • Splinter Damage now receives a penalty towards armor
  • Corrosion Damage now deals critical damage towards armor instead of health
  • Cultists now also throw knives in addition to their grenade attack.
  • Cultist grenade attack frequency has been reduced
  • Resting places no longer restore armor
  • Added new Enemy indicators at the corner of the screen indicating where enemies are when positioned outside the current view.
  • Non-vaultable cover has been added: In some instances it's now not possible to jump over cover. These are marked with a crossed out shield.
  • Knives now always deal Armor Piercing damage, but have reduced damage overall.
  • Level-ups now by default grant 1 point of vitality.
  • Sprint no longer triggers ambushes
  • Improved distribution of events across adventures. Each adventure has a more unique set of events and feel.
  • Characters no longer hold penalties towards specific enemy groups
  • Low Profile has been reworked: It now guarantees a single evade during the next turn. Cost has been increased to 2 bravery.
  • Achievements have received tweaks. Specifically character unlocks have been changed to make it easier to unlock certain characters.
  • We've added a lot more visual variations to events.
  • Codex has been updated to reflect all the changes
Smallest things
  • Weapon Accuracy is now displayed as -+%, indicating how much the hit-chance is modified when using this weapon.
  • When travelling on foot, characters now become unconscious rather then dying directly
  • When a character dies during an event, they now become unconscious rather then dying directly
  • Ammo/Fuel starting amounts have been increased
  • New Damage popup animations have been added to indicate what type of damage was dealt (Splinter, Corrosion, Armor Piercing)
  • New option to reset keybindings
  • Mouse buttons can be rebound now
  • Tweaked a handful of icons to make them more distinct to people with color blindness.
  • Fist Damage now scales with the level-up of characters
  • Explosive barrels now scale with the game's progress. Explosive barrels in later adventures are stronger than earlier adventures.
  • Grenades now deal Standard Damage, rather then Splinter Damage.
  • We've improved initial start-up times
  • Countless bugfixes


Pathway 1.0.12 was a patch released on 22 May 2019.

  • Ambush behaviour is modified slightly. You can now perform any action after setting an ambush except for moving. If you move, your ambush will be canceled. Previously setting an ambush would prevent most successive actions, but not consistently so. The changed behaviour is now more in line with other special abilities and their behaviour.
  • Added a warning message when a move cancels an Ambush
  • Added bleed duration and damage to the knife tooltip
  • Updated LWJGL version. This may improve video card compatibility, high-DPI handling and scaling on some systems.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the damage preview to use the wrong knife when two were equipped
  • Fixed a bug that caused the level up and KO indicators to stay after a character died or was dismissed
  • Fixed a bug that caused an endless loop when an ambush triggered a zombie retaliate
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Burst Fire to be used anywhere on the map
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed the AI to do a third move.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Necromancer to not take any actions.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause faulty event behaviour when loading from save.


Pathway 1.0.11 was a patch released on 15 May 2019.

  • Stack Splitting consumables added (see the Pathway Devlog #12)
  • AI Turn Speed-Up button added (see the Pathway Devlog #12)
  • We've changed the way bravery is handled outside of combat. From now on, your bravery is always fully reset after the completion of a battle. This means that you always enter the battle with the same starting point and should help in making successive battle feel less frustrating due to limiting options.
  • Fixed a bug that caused units to be revived by the Necromancer on the wrong tile.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash in some instances after loading from save.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made it impossible to finish Map 2 in Adventure III
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause achievement rewards to disappear if claimed during combat
  • Fixed a bug that caused evades triggered by a Sporebearer to not count towards the evades achievements
  • Fixed a bunch of typos
  • Fixed some UI issues on the Adventure Stats screen when playing in French
  • Fixed a bug when swapping out a KO character at the recruiter that caused the character to stay in a wrong state on successive adventures.
  • Fixed a bug that caused character quotes to spill out of the UI in some languages.
  • Fixed a whole bunch of battle arena generators that could cause faulty collisions
  • Removed a faulty tooltip when hovering enemy portraits that would mistakenly indicate "Press Tab for Move Range".


Pathway 1.0.10 was a patch released on Steam on 08 May 2019.

  • Added a new hitchance preview when moving (see the Pathway Devlog #10)
  • First steps towards event distribution overhaul
  • Reworked a number of events that previously had "hidden" perk options. These invisible options were automatically activated if a character on the team had the appropriate skill. Unfortunately this also meant that a lot of players missed out on content due them not being identifiable in any way. We've changed this and the options are now explicit as part of a choice the player can make if the appropriate perk is part of the team. Practically speaking, this means that some events have received new perk options!
  • We've reworked the structure of some events to be spread out over fewer pages, effectively reducing the amount of clicks needed. Some events had also their texts shortened where it made sense to do so in order to improve the overall flow.
  • Added a confirmation question if the player tries to leave the loot screen without touching any of the loot. It'll also ask for confirmation if the player leaves behind an epic or legendary item.
  • New savegame backup system: The game will now automatically create backups at relevant points. This is mainly in place so we can recover saves that may get corrupted when using the preview branch or for some other situations where a bug caused an unfair loss.
  • Bellamy can now also be unlocked by purchasing a Disintegrator weapon
  • Codex has been updated to include recent changes.
  • Time elapsed formatting in adventure stats now shows as hh:mm:ss
  • Fixed a bug that caused audio settings to not be properly preserved across game sessions.
  • Fixed a grammar mistake in one of Veduti's character comments.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to revisit character rescue missions. They can now be revisited even if you didn't recruit the character right away or decided to not engage in combat previously.
  • Fixed some combat arena generators causing enemies to get trapped.
  • Fixed a country name on one of he loading screens maps
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when loading the game after updating to a new version
  • Fixed a bunch of wrong gender pronoun uses in event texts
  • Fixed a bug that caused the camera to move outside of the map bounds
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "The Coming War" achievement to not be attainable
  • Fixed a bug that allowed people to purchase fuel beyond the jeep's capacity at the merchant
  • Fixed a bug that caused the recruit icon to be invisible when on neighbouring location.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some event texts to overlap
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to move items into the valuables bag when recruiting people.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Sporebearers to not automatically die when the last enemy was killed with a bleed attack.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to open the codex during the enemy's turn even though the button was disabled.


Pathway 1.0.9 was a patch released on Steam on 01 May 2019.

  • Added new improved Damage Information when hovering enemies (see the Pathway Devlog #9)
  • Perk Branches in events have been reworked and are now in most situations a success. Some instances of uncertainty remain.
  • Rebalanced loot drops in first 2 adventures to be more generous.
  • Added a "Confirm End Turn" option that when enabled forces the player to confirm the end turn when there are characters with unspent action points.
  • Added more helpful tooltips when an achievement can't be claimed.
  • Changed the "Watch Collectors" achievement to only require 3 watches to be collected.
  • Changed the "An Ending and a New Beginning III" achievement to only require 100 failures.
  • Continuing work on fixing "out of memory" issues some people have encountered.
  • Block keyboard scrolling when menu or journal is open during an encounter.
  • Fixed some battle arenas where enemies would spawn inside walls
  • Fixed some localization issues
  • Fixed some events where the wrong gender was used in texts.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed people to select multiple choices during level-up. This fix will reset people's skill trees that made use of this.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed people to produce money using the Valuables bag undo function.
  • Fixed a bug where in some instances the Valuables bag undo button wouldn't reset properly.
  • Fixed some Mineshaft battle arena layouts that made battles unplayable.
  • Fixed a bunch of collisions that allowed enemies to walk into walls.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in the attack range display.
  • 5+ kills in one shot now also count towards the 4 kills in one achievement.
  • Fixed a bug that caused achievements to show up as claimed event though they weren't.
  • Fixed an issue that caused lost fuel not to count towards the "Environmental Hazard" achievement.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a character to show up at the beginning of Adventure V Sector 2 even though they're already in the player's party.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to trigger a double ambush.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to continue traveling on foot even though they had received fuel through an achievement.
  • Added "--aggressive-gc" command line option. Using this option forces a memory garbage-collection after each event. When used, you'll likely experience a short delay each time the event window closes. While this parameter doesn't fix anything per se, it is supposed to help us narrowing down the out-of-memory crashes and performance issues.
  • Disabled use of separate render thread on MacOS. May be related to performance issues some user reported on MacOS 10.14 Mojave.


Pathway 1.0.8 was a bugfix patch released on Steam on 16 April 2019.

  • Fixed a bug causing events to be broken, or crash, on low-spec systems after our changes in v1.0.7
  • Fixed crash during AI turns
  • Fixed mouse over menu button not stopping the scene to scroll in combat scenarios
  • Modified a few french translations to fit in UI


Pathway 1.0.7 was a bugfix patch released on Steam on 15 April 2019.

  • Added a new "undo" button to the Valuables bag. This lets you undo the last item you added to your Valuables bag if for example you trashed one of your beautiful legendaries by accident.
  • When comparing a Knife with another Knife it'll now always correctly compare to the equipped Knife instead of the character's main slot (which may not be a knife).
  • When the Item compare tooltip is on the left side of the cursor, it now flips the order of windows around to be less confusing.
  • Added an additional fallback option for low-spec system that don't support floating point cubemaps. This will reduce the visual fidelity of the lighting system in the game significantly but will allow people with older Radeon cards to still play the game.
  • The Nazi fuel supply camp event now properly rewards fuel when successfully sneaking into the camp.
  • Updated descriptions for the unlock achievements of Shani/Georgette to be clearer
  • Further improvements to loading issues on low-spec systems
  • Fixed a bug that caused Repairkit Strength level up choices to not take any effect
  • Fixed a rare crash on the Adventure Stats screen
  • Fixed a crash when using Burst Fire in certain situations
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes that occurred at random during the AI's turn
  • Fixed the "Splendid Bowie Knife" border
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Bomber Jacket's Daredevil perk to not work correctly
  • Fixed a bug that allowed items to be duplicated when dismissing a party member


Pathway 1.0.6 was a bugfix patch released on Steam on 13 April 2019.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to stall when your team died with some rare conditions
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash on bootup on some Windows systems
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to stall on low-spec systems when changing to battle
  • Fixed handling of double wielding knives. If two knives are equipped it'll now always use the better of the two for damage calculations and not show excessive UI buttons.

Known Issue: On low-spec machines we're still experiencing rare occasional stalls. This patch should significantly reduce the chance of this happening. If you encounter a stall, please try and reload the game, in most instances this will be enough to fix the problem. We're working on a permanent fix.


Pathway 1.0.5 was a bugfix patch released on Steam on 12 April 2019.

  • Fixed a crash that could happen when encountering a specific event in the game


Pathway 1.0.4 released on Steam on 12 April 2019.

  • Added an optional "Confirm Move" toggle in the Game options. When activated, you will have to click again to confirm your move before it is executed. This is to prevent accidental moves.
  • Added a "Dog friendly" mode. This can be activated in the Game options. At the moment this simply disables the dog hit/die sfx. But we are planning on expanding on this and completely removing the die animations/blood.
  • Added additional fallback options for our shadow rendering that should fix issues we've seen on certain hardware configurations causing the game to crash at load and during gameplay.
  • Added option to disable Reverb SFX effect. This may help on systems that have experience audio issues.
  • Fixed a bug that would let you recruit a character twice in a row
  • Fixed a bug with character unlocks. Some people had met the conditions for unlocking a character but still couldn't use them when starting a new adventure. These characters are now properly unlocked and the issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused crit hits that also killed a target to not count towards achievements, combat stats and adventure stats.
  • Improved loading times in some events


Pathway 1.0.3 was a bugfix patch released on Steam and GOG 11 April 2019.

  • Prevent trashing the dog's fur and teeth by accident
  • Fix a crash that could happen in the AI turn when fighting with characters that had no weapon in their primary slot
  • Fix crash when looting certain legendary items and moving them to the valuables bag
  • Fix a bug that caused a black screen on Windows 7 and macOS


Pathway 1.0.2 was a bugfix patch released on Steam and GOG 11 April 2019.

  • Game now starts in windowed mode to prevent some issues people were having with fullscreen (see above note)
  • Adds the option to cycle through your team with the left/right arrow during battle.
  • Fix a crash that happened when you entered a battle after running out of fuel and having your team members die.
  • Fixed a crush bug when trying to claim an achievement
  • Custom key bindings are now properly saved


Pathway released on version 1.0.1 on Steam, Humble, and GOG 11 April 2019.

Switch Version[edit]


Pathway 1.2.3 was a bugfix patch released on Nintendo Switch 2 June 2021.

  • Fixed some infrequent softlock bugs


Pathway 1.2.2 was a day one patch released on Nintendo Switch on 27 May 2021.

  • Fixed some infrequent softlock bugs
  • Fixed an infrequent issue which could cause saves to not load correctly after switching languages


Pathway released on version 1.2.1 on Nintendo Switch on 27 May 2021.