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Dev Suggestions[edit]

Hello Arizona! Regarding your suggestions for the developers - I don't think they check the wiki with any regularity, so they're not going to see them. Your best bet is to contact them via the official website, where there is an email link to them.

I've moved your suggestions below, so you can copy/paste if you wish. Thanks for updating the wiki! Margotbean (talk) 18:24, 29 January 2021 (UTC)


I'd like to present concepts for 6 new weapons for the game. All are intended as alternative L6 selections. The stats shown below are for the common variant. I've also listed the stat buffs for their legendary item after having read through the game files. Hopefully you like my suggestions.

Pistol: Tijuana El Burro. Mexican revolver. Damage 53-58, Standard, 10 Shred, -5 Accuracy, range 5, 5 bullet clip, 5% critical hit chance, critical strength 28. Legendary: Aiming Buff, Damage Buff, Critical Chance Buff; Minor Buff(+1) to VIT/WIL/DEX/END: special- target hit by bullet suffers knock back as per suckerpunch. The name is a reference to the phrase kicks like a mule.

Disintegrator: Venkman Proton Rifle. Damage 44-55, Corrosion, 28 Shred, -10 Accuracy, Range 5, 10% critical hit chance, Critical strength 22. Legendary: Aiming buff, Damage buff, Critical Strength buff; Minor Buff(+1) to AGI/DEX/END; Major Buff(+2) to WIL; special - ancestral spirits (25% damage vs undead). Sly reference to ghost busters.

Knife: Shamshir Damage 38-48, Standard, 16 shred, 10% critical hit chance, Critical Strength 25, Bleed Duration 1 turn, Bleed Damage 40%. Legendary: Damage, Critical Chance; Major Buff(+2) to VIT/AGI/RFX; perks: Ancient Languages. This sword is a style common to the region where the game takes place and would be used a tribesmen.

Assault Rifle: BERN light machine gun Damage 43-60, Standard, 14 Shred, -5 Accuracy, range 7, 5 bullet clip, 5% critical hit chance, critical strength 21, burst spread medium. Legendary: Aiming buff, Damage buff; Corrosion; Minor Buff(+1) to VIT/WIL; Major Buff(+2) to DEX/END. This is a tribute to the BREN machine gun, along with making it slightly to find a weapon with medium burst spread.

Sniper Rifle: Hekate Widowmaker Damage 40-44, Standard, 15 Shred, +15 Accuracy, range 13, 2 bullet clip, 10% critical hit chance, critical strength 25, ambush angle low. Legendary: Aiming buff, Damage buff, Critical Chance buff; Corrosion; Major Buff(+2) to AGI/DEX/RFX; special - deals bleed damage at 20% for 1 turn. A sniper rifle that can leave a target bleeding when they think they are safe. inspire by the tarantula's event.

Shotgun: Blacks Leadbelcher Damage 66-80, Splinter, 8 Shred, +20 Accuracy, range 3, 3 bullet clip, 5% critical hit chance, critical strength 22, blast reach medium. Legendary:Damage buff;Minor Buff(+1) WIL, RFX Major Buff(+2) to VIT/END. An easier to find, medium spread shot gun. Frustrated by enemies being spaced just far enough apart to avoid a blast.