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The range a character can move is directly influenced by their agility stat, with each point of agility increasing a character's max move range by 2 tiles. An agility of 1 will give a move range of 5 tiles.

When selecting a character a blue overlay will show their maximum movement range for this turn. Certain terrain will inhibit movement across it. This will be signified either by an icon displaying either a brick wall or a shield with a cross when stood next to it. Terrain with a shield can be crossed provided you have sufficient movement and there isn't an enemy directly behind it.

Movement may be modified by skills such as Sprint, Morale Boost, Crippling Shot and the spore bearers projectile.

Sprint extends the range a character may travel by providing a +2 Agility boost for one turn in exchange for 2 bravery. Available to anyone equipped with light armour.

Morale Boost increases the Agility of one character by +5 for one turn irrespective of the armour they're wearing. Costs 2 bravery. This can allow for one rapid flanking manoeuvre.

Crippling Shot applies a 75% movement range penalty for 2 turns. This can leave a unit in a vulnerable position of there is no cover available.

Spore bearer projectile is a ranged attack that if it hits, prevents all regular movement and sprinting for one turn. This DOESN'T includes the Dash special move. This can be deadly if there are several enemy units near to your character and you can't neutralise their threat.

Dash is a movement skill that allows a 1-2 tile move in exchange for 1 bravery. However this move can only be in straight lines not diagonally. Can be carried in addition to a full move. Multiple dashes may be performed if the character has sufficient bravery available. A dash will not let you move past a friendly character if they are stood right next to you and are in the direction you wish to head.

Ambush will cancel the first action a character performs; excludes dash, reloading a gun, setting up your own ambush and activating low profile. Thus if you attempt to move first you will sacrifice the character's chance to move this turn. If you choose to attack first, you may still move.