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The year is 1936 and Nazi activity is increasing in intensity by the day. Tirelessly, they send their expeditions into the vastness of the deserts and inhospitable mountains of the Middle East.

North Africa, Arabia - what could the armies of evil be looking for?

Every Expedition is Different[edit]

In Pathway, you send a group of intrepid adventurers on perilous expeditions. They must win turn-based battles, uncover ancient secrets, and manage their fuel supplies to ensure they arrive in time to thwart the evil plans of their merciless enemies.

Every expedition is different in Pathway. This is because - in addition to a basic outline - expeditions are always assigned a random series of new events. Even events that you have encountered before can take unexpected turns, either through chance or because of the different composition of your team.

Persistent Gameplay[edit]

Even a defeat means progress in Pathway, as characters gain experience even when they fail. Over the course of individual adventurers, characters will gain enough experience and equipment to attempt increasingly risky undertakings.

Manage your expedition! Make use of the strengths of its individual members! Make the right decisions on the events you experience during your journey!

Every Decision Counts[edit]

The world is on the brink of disaster. An undeclared war rages in the shadows! Victory or defeat - only you and your unsung heroes can decide the outcome!


Teams and Adventures[edit]

Pathway consists of a series of individual adventures that gradually increase in difficulty. At the start of an adventure you need to assemble a team from the total available unlocked and uninjured characters.

Unlocking New Adventures[edit]

At the start of the game, all adventures are locked apart from the starting adventure. Each completed adventure automatically unlocks the next adventure. A completed adventure may be replayed after completion, with the option of raising the difficulty by up to two tiers.

Jeep Storage[edit]

When you have assembled your team, jeep storage is where you can stock up on fuel, ammunition and supplies. As well you can sell various items you've found on your previous expeditions. This is also where you equip a character with new items. The jeep's storage can be expanded prior to departure by spending the money acquired through your adventures to expand your storage to 30 slots, max fuel to 30, max ammo to 120 bullets and max supplies to 15.


When you select a character, their character stats are displayed to the right, along with a brief summary of their strengths and weaknesses. The colored bars immediately to the right of the character indicate their health (red), armor value (blue), and bravery (orange).

Each character also has a unique stat profile.

Perks and Skills[edit]

Perks further distinguish your characters giving them various advantages either in combat, mission rewards or by allowing you to select alternative courses of action when resolving a scripted scene.

Item skills define which items a character may equip. Skill icons with a green plus sign have advantages, while the ones with with red minus sights have certain disadvantages. Skills that have both advantages and disadvantages are indicated with a red-green icon.

Unlocking New Characters[edit]

You start the game with a limited number of playable characters. Additional characters are unlocked during the game whenever you meet certain conditions. The precise conditions for each character are displayed when you left click on them or read the achievements list. This only applies to normal mode; Hardcore mode will give you access to all 16 characters from the start.

Hospitalized Characters and Recovery[edit]

Characters who are incapacitated during an adventure are locked for the next expedition, as they need to recover from their injuries. You can pay cash to buy better medical care to reduce their time in the hospital.


Gaining Experience and Equipment[edit]

Regardless of the outcome of an adventure every participating character keeps the experience points and items they gain. Only canceling an adventure will reset any experience points and items gained by all participating characters during that adventure.