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In pathway there are approximately 650 encounters that can occur over the course of the 5 adventures, that are split into 11 categories:

Accident - 12 ways to be delayed through jeep breakdowns, fuel spills & impassible terrain that causes detours.


Battle - 270 possible combat scenarios.

Character rescue - 16 ways to trigger a battle where you rescue a hostage who can then join your party.


Character recruitment - 16 ways to pay $500 to recruit a new party member. No combat involved.

Fail - cut scenes for when the party is wiped out.

Flavour - 110 neutral events such as a discarded pile of books or a herd of goats. These will consume 1 fuel, but not result in combat or provide supplies or loot. These bring the region to life by providing mundane everyday events.


Goodie - 9 events that have the potential to provide a beneficial effect, such as the Star gate event.

Loot - 60 events that have the potential to reward goodies without combat should you choose correctly. Can also inflict negative status effects that last until the current adventure ends. Includes the likes of the cobra protected cache and the tarantula infested corpse.


Merchant - 19 events where you can trade for resources. Sometimes this will be restricted to a single commodity (fuel/ammo/supplies) other times you can purchase freely from the five items on offer. Merchants do not re-stock should you return after having visited another node.


Resting - 20 events where you can rest. Most will provide a complete HP restoration, but a few will only provide sub 20HP. e.g. coffee with tribesmen.

Story - 100 events that cover both the main story and associated story chapter flavour events. e.g. Morten's CIA liaison and the tribal elders who warn against chasing the stories of old.

Each and every encounter is tied to specific map sectors, thus the story will remain cohesive whilst being randomly generated.