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Pathway's controls are outlined in the codex. Key bindings can be configured under options/controls.

The game's default key bindings in each game window are outlined below:

Key Bindings[edit]

Map Window[edit]

Key Action
I Open Team Screen

Team Screen[edit]

Key Action
Right-click on weapon Reload
Right-click on medkit Heal/revive character
Right-click on repairkit Repair armor
Right-click on any item Drop item

Map / Battle[edit]

Key Action
WASD Move camera
Press Space + LMB Free camera move


Key Action
WASD Move Camera
Right arrow Next own unit
Left arrow Previous own unit
Return End turn
1 Standard ranged attack
2 Special ranged attack
3 Standard knife attack
4 Special knife attack
5 Use item
F Armor-related special action
R Reload
B Fist Punch
LMB Initiate action
RMB Abort action


Key Action
Right-click on own item Sell Item
Right-click or left-click on trader item Buy item


Key Action
Alternative Information Tab
Toggle FPS Counter F8