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The codex is the game's instruction manual presented as a journal. To access it you must be on the world map, and the current encounter for the node you are at has been resolved. It is represented by the book icon in the top right corner of the screen.

The four tabs at the top are:

Basics (2 pages)

Travel (1 page)

Combat (3 pages) - combat basics; types of cover & combat related actions; how damage is calculated & weapon classes.

Enemies (2 pages) - displays descriptions but not stats for the units you have faced thus far for Nazis; Brotherhood of Khonesh.

You move between pages by pressing the button on the bottom left corner of the screen.

The 3 tabs on the side are:

Team - displays the status of current active party members including applicable status effects such as strengthening ritual or tarantula bite, along with the contents of the jeep. Accessing this screen will allow you to change your team's equipment prior to combat and assign any skill points you've earned.

Codex - see above

Trophies - this is where you go to claim rewards for completing achievements. You can see the progress bars for achievements you have not yet reached the quota for, such as Nazi Hunter 3. This tab is locked off for Hardcore mode.