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There are 74 trophies in total, 2 of which are secret. You can access your trophies from the tab on the bottom right of the Codex screen. These trophies represent all the achievements you can complete in Pathway. Move the cursor over an achievement to see its name and the actions required to unlock it.

Every unlocked achievement grants a reward; this is also described in the tooltip. Each reward can be claimed either immediately when an achievement in unlocked or later by left-clicking on the achievement on the Trophy Screen.

Each trophy also mirrors an achievement in Steam.


Adventure Unlocks[edit]

Icon Name Description Unlocks
Trophy Adventure II.jpg
Adventure II Finish Adventure I: A Friend in Need Adventure II: The Wrath of God
Trophy Adventure III.jpg
Adventure III Finish Adventure II: The Wrath of God Adventure III: Night of the Black Pharaoh
Trophy Adventure IV.jpg
Adventure IV Finish Adventure III: Night of the Black Pharaoh Adventure IV: Dreams in the Desert Sand
Trophy Adventure V.jpg
Adventure V Finish Adventure IV: Dreams in the Desert Sand Adventure V: The Final Frontier

Character Unlocks[edit]

Icon Name Description Unlocks
Trophy Brunhilda.jpg
Brunhilda Bleed kill 5 enemies to unlock Brunhilda
Portrait Brunhilda.png
Trophy Bellamy.jpg
Bellamy Find a disintegrator to unlock Bellamy
Portrait Bellamy.png
Trophy Dr Chandra.jpg
Dr Chandra Revive 20 characters to unlock Dr Chandra
Portrait Dr Chandra.png
Trophy Leonora.jpg
Leonora Kill 100 nazis to unlock Leonora
Portrait Leonora.png
Trophy Veduti.jpg
Veduti Kill 50 Zombies to unlock Monsignor Veduti
Portrait Veduti.png
Trophy Le Fantôme.jpg
Le Fantôme Evade 75 attacks to unlock Le Fantôme
Portrait Le Fantôme.png
Trophy Georgette.jpg
Georgette Kill 10 enemies with an Ambush to unlock Georgette
Portrait Georgette.png
Trophy Shani.jpg
Shani Kill 100 enemies with knives to unlock Shani
Portrait Shani.png
Trophy Rose.jpg
Rose Finish any adventure with women only to unlock Rose
Portrait Rose.png
Trophy Annabelle.jpg
Annabelle Kill 25 enemies with Double Shot to unlock Annabelle
Portrait Annabelle.png

Exploration Achievements[edit]

Icon Name Description Reward
Trophy Through Thick and Thin.jpg
Through Thick and Thin Recruit 10 characters. 100 XP
Trophy Campfire Tales.jpg
Campfire Tales Rest 50 times.
Trophy Traveller I.jpg
Traveller I Travel to 50 locations.
Trophy Traveller II.jpg
Traveller II Travel to 250 locations.
Trophy Traveller III.jpg
Traveller III Travel to 1000 locations.
Trophy An Ending and a New Beginning I.jpg
An Ending and a New Beginning I Fail an adventure.
Trophy An Ending and a New Beginning II.jpg
An Ending and a New Beginning II Fail 50 adventures.
Trophy An Ending and a New Beginning III.jpg
An Ending and a New Beginning III Fail 100 adventures.
(Was 200 prior to v1.0.9)
Trophy Trash Collector.jpg
Trash Collector Collect 100 trash items.
Trophy Watch Collector.jpg
Watch Collector Collect 3 watches.
(Was 10 prior to v1.0.9)
Trophy Interest I.jpg
Interest I Collect $5000.
Trophy Interest II.jpg
Interest II Collect $10000.
Trophy Interest III.jpg
Interest III Collect $100000.
Trophy Camel Whisperer.jpg
Camel Whisperer Once the fever has passed, it is already too late. 100 XP
Trophy Environmental Hazard.jpg
Environmental Hazard Lose 20 fuel in an accident.
Trophy Lost & Found.jpg
Lost & Found Never give up hope.
Lose a party member (a dog joins), recruit another party member, lose a dog, and lose one party member.
100 XP
Trophy A Sly Fox.jpg
A Sly Fox A game between friends... 100 XP
Trophy Kissed By The Eons.jpg
Kissed by the Eons The fragments lay strewn in a circle on the desert sand. 100 XP
Trophy Drug Fiend.jpg
Drug Fiend Who knows what really killed the courier? 100 XP
Trophy The Power of Desperation.jpg
The Power of Desperation The huge boulder rumbled towards us... 100 XP
Trophy Run, you fools!.jpg
Run, You Fools! The single guard was not really alone in the temple. 100 XP
Trophy Arachnophobia.jpg
Arachnophobia They are probably nesting inside the body... 100 XP
Trophy You Never Know.jpg
You Never Know The idol's empty eyes seemed to follow us everywhere... 100 XP
Trophy The Armenian Trail.jpg
The Armenian Trail What on earth are the Nazis up to? 100 XP
Trophy Hubris.jpg
Hubris The circling vultures put us on his trail... 100 XP
Trophy Sword of Flames.jpg
Sword of Flames They thought they could catch us unawares! 100 XP
Trophy Tip of the Iceberg.jpg
Tip of the Iceberg Their solitary radio station was tucked away in a sea of dunes. 100 XP
Trophy The Coming War.jpg
The Coming War They were hard on his heels... 100 XP
Trophy Realm of Torment.jpg
Realm of Torment The stench of death hung over the desolate custom house. 100 XP
Trophy The Fountain of Youth.jpg
The Fountain of Youth It was the only well for miles! 100 XP
Trophy The Brothers' Betrayal.jpg
The Brothers' Betrayal The rocks loomed like a clenched fist. 100 XP
Trophy Project Valhalla.jpg
Project Valhalla An eerie silence lay over the huts. 100 XP
Trophy A Fresh Track.jpg
A Fresh Track The ruins drew them like vermin. 100 XP

Tactical Achivements[edit]

Icon Name Description Reward
Trophy Nazi Hunter I.jpg
Nazi Hunter I Kill 50 Nazis.
Trophy Nazi Hunter II.jpg
Nazi Hunter II Kill 250 Nazis.
Trophy Nazi Hunter III.jpg
Nazi Hunter III Kill 1000 Nazis.
Trophy Exorcist I.jpg
Exorcist I Kill 75 undead.
Trophy Exorcist II.jpg
Exorcist II Kill 350 undead.
Trophy Exorcist III.jpg
Exorcist III Kill 1500 undead.
Trophy Sniper.jpg
Sniper Kill 100 enemies with a sniper rifle.
Trophy Pistolero.jpg
Pistolero Kill 20 enemies with a pistol.
Trophy Shotgunner.jpg
Shotgunner Kill 200 enemies with a shotgun.
Trophy Butcher.jpg
Butcher Kill 500 enemies with a knife.
Trophy Relentless Progress.jpg
Relentless Progress Kill 100 enemies with a disintegrator.
Trophy Rifleman.jpg
Rifleman Kill 250 enemies with an assault rifle.
Trophy One Shot Killer I.jpg
One Shot Killer I Kill 10 enemies with a single shot. 50 XP
Trophy One Shot Killer II.jpg
One Shot Killer II Kill 100 enemies with a single shot. 100 XP
Trophy One Shot Killer III.jpg
One Shot Killer III Kill 500 enemies with a single shot. 500 XP
Trophy Killer I.jpg
Killer I Kill 2 enemies with one attack. 50 XP
Trophy Killer II.jpg
Killer II Kill 3 enemies with one attack.
Trophy Killer III.jpg
Killer III Kill 4 enemies with one attack.
Trophy Healer I.jpg
Healer I Restore 100 HP.
Trophy Healer II.jpg
Healer II Restore 1000 HP.
Trophy Healer III.jpg
Healer III Restore 5000 HP.
Trophy Tinker I.jpg
Tinker I Restore 100 AR.
Trophy Tinker II.jpg
Tinker II Restore 1000 AR.
Trophy Tinker III.jpg
Tinker III Restore 5000 AR.
Trophy First Blood.jpg
First Blood Kill a Nazi. 20 XP

Secret Achivements[edit]

Icon Name Description Reward
Trophy A Friend and Helper.jpg
A Friend and Helper
Trophy A loyal companion.jpg
A loyal companion